The Story of "ii"

The ‘ii’ in Raiinmaker and Coiin represents the value of human peer-to-peer interactions in the digital world. The first “a” in the Raiinmaker logo is emphasized to represent the integration of AI into Raiinmaker’s technology stack and in the Coiin Network protocol. We believe that everyone is a creator and our collective actions form the foundation of our global economy.

How We Started

Where We're Going

Who We Are

Founder & CEO

In addition to Rainmaker, Seraphine founded Vision Tree with one sole purpose: to tell stories that will transform our culture and build technology to change the world. A pioneer in the application of Crowdfunding and Influencer marketing to the Entertainment Industry with a proven track record of creating success at the bleeding edge of the Media Technology Metaverse. Notable projects include Rock of Ages, Sirius, Growing up Smith, Hesher. J.D. is committed to creating media and technology that will have a major positive impact on the future of the global cultural landscape.

Founder & COO

Worked on Academy Award winning motion pictures that generated over $1 Billion at the Box Office including Collateral, Hustle & Flow, and Miami Vice.Benjamin has financed and Executive Produced multiple successful independent films that have played at prestigious film festivals around the world includingSundance, Hot Docs, and Cannes.

Co-founder & CTO

Joe Roets is a visionary thought leader and was an early advocate of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies. Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Dragonchain and 20+ years of experience in software architecture focusing on security and scalability, he has led or contributed to projects in the space since 2010 at companies such as Overstock, Coinbase, Symbiont, & the Walt Disney Company.

Co-Founder &
head of rpoduct

Ray Parker has past experience in blockchain, venture capital, tech, aerospace, and management consulting, and has worked at a variety of companies including Oracle, Dragonchain, ODEM, Microsoft, and NASA. Ray has taken five software products from ideation to revenue generation and has helped raise over $20M+.

Developers, Marketing, and Support