Passion Rewarded

With Raiinmaker, you have the opportunity to support a passion or idea from prelaunch to market. Discover projects, start influencing, and earn rewards; and the earlier and more you influence, the more you are rewarded. Raiinmaker campaigns are where the projects we are passionate about, break through the noise; by creating community together.

We are looking for the new influencers.

We believe everyone is an influencer, a Raiinmaker. You don’t need thousands of followers, just the passion and dedication to create change.

Match with the right project

01 Profile Management

Create a profile to share with Campaign Creators

02 Requirements

Review campaign requirements and see if you are a match

Earn by what you influence

01 Share

Easily share campaigns to your network applications

02 Connect

Connect your social profiles for additional tracking features

03 Influence Score

Improve your influence score as your posts gain exposure

Redeem and Audit your rewards

01 Reward Management

Redeem your rewards for cash

02 Reporting

Review the breakdown of your 'influence' on a campaign

Be rewarded for what you love–join the beta program.

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