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Mobilizing DePIN and AI Data Labeling

Raiinmakers act as Independent Validator nodes providing computational power to AI systems and contributing to decentralized consensus on the Coiin Network.

Earn Coiin on the
Raiinmaker App

Network Validator

Become a Coiin Network Validator on the Raiinmaker app. As a Validator, you will earn a portion of the total mining pool minted every cycle (29 day lunar cycle). Coiin rewards can be accessed at  

AI Art Generator

Generate Stable Diffusion art

AI Model Training

Contribute to the network and help launch the advancement of AI Generative art. Choose from 9 different stable diffusion models.

NFT Data Labeling

A simple annotation platform where users earn $Coiin for "tagging" art generated with specific models and minting to the Coiin Network.

Proof of InfluenceTM

Raiinmaker App has developed the proprietary Proof of Influence™ algorithm that fuels its AI powered Smart Contract.

Mint Your Moment

Accelerate the next generation of Web3 utilizing decentralized AI and a human powered network.
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