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Accelerating the next generation of Web3 utilizing decentralized AI and a human powered network.

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The Coiin Network Ecosystem

The Coiin Network Protocol is a federated hybrid blockchain with a novel Consensus mechanism powered by immutable proof of identity, behavior and network activity. Enterprise Applications access scalable Web3 and AI infrastructure and custom smart contracts running on dedicated layer 1 instances on the network.

Decentralized AI 

Cutting edge mobile DePIN, running on Raiinmaker and Coiin Desktop DePIN nodes, contribute compute and data to the network.
Model Training
The distributed generation of compute power & high quality immutable model training on Coiin provides significant value to AI systems.

Data Labeling

Users contribute to the growth and compute power of Raiinmaker AI models directly on the app.

Earn $Coiin

Utilizing a combination of Identity, Behavior and AI powered smart contracts, fractional $Coiin rewards are distributed across the ecosystem


Users function as an independent validator via mobile or desktop device with no Blockchain IQ.


Stake $Coiin or other tokens including BTC, ETH and earn increased rewards on the network.


Increase the earning power of your validator everytime a Validator burns $Coiin tokens.

Train AI

Operate a DePIN mobile Node on the Raiinmaker app, train AI Models, and earn $Coiin.

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Coiin Network Statistics


Network Nodes

+7 Million


Supported Chains


The Raiinmaker App

No Blockchain IQ Necessary

Social Fi

Utilizing Coiin, Raiinmaker's Proof of Influence (P.O.I.) behavior smart contract, measures and tracks social media engagement data. Based on custom identity, behavior and business data parameters fractional rewards are distributed and then hashed on-chain.

Mobile DePIN Validator Network

Users act as Independent Validator nodes on the Coiin Network simply by using the Raiinmaker app. Unique cryptographic keys sign blocks  with independent validator code running parallel with Raiinmaker OS.

AI Tools

Raiinmaker provides users with an open door to the power of Artificial Intelligence, allowing users to interact with Generative art models, help train new AI models, and other AI features.


Defining the creation and interaction of three blockchain layers to provide consensus and a spectrum of trust for verification of any data. The combined layers are used to promote continued improvement in user reputation via increased identity and behavior information on a trustless network. The architecture allows independent creation of multiple AI/ML behavior applications by network participants.

Protocol Features

Decentralized Identity

A digital identity system including Proof of Human & KYC eliminates fake users & bots while rewarding real users who add value to digital platforms.

Developer Friendly

Optimized for mass market scale with AI powered Web3 tools and smart contracts coded in developer friendly languages (Java, Python, C++, & Go).

Interoperable Blockchain

Digital assets and data from the Coiin Network are able to transfer to multiple blockchain networks including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon, BNB, and others.


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