The Story of  "ii"

The "ii" in Raiinmaker and Coiin represents the value of human peer-to-peer interactions in the digital world. The first "a" in the Raiinmaker Logo is emphasized to include the integration of Raiinmaker's AI Technology Stack and in the Raiinmaker Network. We believe that everyone is a creator and our collective actions form the foundation of our global economy

Our History
Our story starts 6 years ago... Let's go.
How We Started
Raiinmaker was established to explore a new market sector at the intersection of loyalty rewards and influencer marketing and to disrupt the creator economy model by empowering content creators to earn crypto through their social capital.
Raiinmaker V1-V2
Launch of Raiinmaker Creator app rewarding users by sharing to social media platforms. Campaign creation portal and Raiinmaker Network integrations added.
Q1 | Q2 2023
Raiinmaker AI & Network Alpha
Launch of AI Generative art feature with ability to mint artwork into NFTs in Raiinmaker. AI/ML tech implementation to optimize the Proof of Influence™ algorithm. Deployment of Raiinmaker Network with decentralized identity & smart contract functionality.

Q3 | Q4  2023
Raiinmaker Network Beta & Testnet Launch
Public Launch of Raiinmaker Network testnet with AI Tools and 3rd party validator functionality. On boarded +150k Validators with ability to act as a Proxy Node Validator, mobily, on Raiinmaker.
Q1 2024
Coiin TGE & Raiinmaker Network
Public launch of $COIIN with full utility of the Raiinmaker Network including rewards for node validators. Full AI powered smart contracts, microservices fee billing and multi-chain non-custodial liquid staking.
Q2 2024
AI Network Features
AI Model Training, Data Labeling, and Beta DePIN node deployment.
Q3 2024
Enterprise Application
Full integration and launch of multiple large scale enterprise partners on the Raiinmaker Network. Including, native apps for national sports teams (NFL, NBA, MLB), gaming and entertainment partners
Q4 2024
AI Decentralized Compute Powered by the Raiinmaker Network
Integration of Raiinmaker Network nodes and validator infrastructure with AI systems to provide compute, powered by $COIIN.
J.D Seraphine
Founder CEO
Benjamin Gerry
Founder COO
Joe Roets
Co-Founder CTO
Ray Parker
Co-Founder CPO

Our Team & Advisors

Kris Seraphine
Ethan Hilliard
Dante Venafro
Wyatt Hilkene
Tara Gore
Reggie Tan
Jennifer Booze
Amelia Samek
Andrew Miller
Murad Malik
Wes Tyler
David Henao
Victor Tadashi
Eric MacDougall
Margarita Simonova
Katie Sweeney
Nolan Bushnell
Spencer Kaye
Lucia Gallardo
Maggie Wu
Dina Mainville
Richard Titus
Terra Englebardt
Susan Oh
Wayne Lin
Saeed Aldermaki
Tracy Leparulo
Josh Meier
Danish Chaudry
Coach K
Enzo Villiani
Michael Terpin
Simon Bogdanowicz