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Run a DePIN Validator node on your smart phone to earn crypto from anywhere.

Train AI for Rewards

Get paid in $COIIN to train AI by tagging
generated art.
Join AI Quests

AI Model Training Quests

Earn $BTC, $ETH, $COIIN and other tokens.

Choose From 9 Models

Generate Stable Diffusion art and contribute to each Raiinmaker model. Every generation adds value to the network by improving the model, strengthening AI learning.

Animal Character
Diffusion XL
3D Style
Photo Real
Dream Art
Coming Soon

Using Your Own Photos

Upload photos from your phone to fine tune
the Raiinmaker AI Model. Tagging images
earns you $COIIN as well as contributes to
the advancement of Raiinmaker AI.
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Download Raiinmaker on Google Play Store & Apple Store

Raiinmaker Tech

Proof of Influence™

Raiinmaker App has developed the proprietary Proof of Influence™ algorithm that fuels its AI powered Smart Contracts that measure and track the value of each user’s contribution to AI infrastructure on the Raiinmaker Network.

Create Content. Train. AI Earn Rewards

Accelerate the next generation of Web3 utilizing decentralized AI and a human powered network.
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